A comprehensive overview
of the fundamentals
of political economy

for students who have completed
 Understanding Economics. 

The text for this course is a new abridgement of The Science of Political Economy by Henry George, with supplemental readings. All readings and lessons are available online in this website — free of charge.

Enrolled students receive individual feedback from an instructor, and will be sent a certificate upon completion. The enrollment fee is $25.

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Although political economy deals with various and complicated phenomena, yet they are phenomena which may be resolved into simple elements, and which are but the manifestations of familiar principles. The premises from which it makes its deductions are truths of which we are all conscious and upon which in everyday life we constantly base our reasoning and our actions...
          For the study of political economy you need no special knowledge, no extensive library, no costly laboratory... All that you need is care in reducing complex phenomena to their elements, in distinguishing the essential from the accidental, and in applying the simple laws of human action with which you are familiar. Take nobody’s opinion for granted; try all things; hold fast that which is good.
                    — Henry George, "The Study of Political Economy"